Relaxation - Our office is designed to ease your mind during your dental time. From our “Oasis” setting with plants and aquariums soothing the eye, to our in-ceiling satellite televisions to pass your time while we are busy with your teeth, we can calm your fears. Oral sedation or the option of nitrous oxide are both available.

Preventive - Our hygiene team will help you get your teeth and tissue healthy for the rest of your life. Our hygienists have extensive periodontal training and non-surgical solutions for many gum problems. Our digital X-rays use up to 75% less radiation and pop up instantly saving everyone time.

Cosmetic -We cover all facets of cosmetic dentistry from bonding to veneers to crown & bridge or implants. We can fit you with the best looking set of dentures or partials for edentulous areas.

Restorative - We place amalgam free composite or porcelain restorations to get your teeth looking natural. From complete dental cosmetic makeovers to crowning just one tooth we make them to look natural with the rest of your smile.

Whitening - We have Zoom in office whitening for that change right away result or can fabricate bleaching trays for your at home treatments

Periodontal - We view periodontal health to be the foundation of all care and of vital importance to your health. Our perio services include deep scales by our hygiene team with prior experience in perio offices to maintain your oral health. Non-surgical therapies and surgical corrections including bone implants are offered as well

Endodontic - Root Canal therapy – we can save infected teeth that have toothache problems and restore them and prevent the breakdown of your dentition. Our digital X-rays speed the treatment process.

Oral Surgery - We covers most facets of oral surgery from simple extraction’s to 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). We surgically treat root canal problems, periodontal defects and also place implants.

Implants - Dr. White places and restores Straumannn implants for tooth replacement with rock solid foundation for chewing confidence.

Dentures - We provide beautiful custom dentures and can make them with mini suction cups for a fit that doesn’t need adhesives and pastes. See the octopus? tool bar. Our partials are metal free flexible Valplast tissue friendly cosmetic tooth replacements.

Orthodontics - Traditional and Invisalign orthodontics treatments are available in our office with Dr. Paul Rocke and Staff on Fridays.